Do You Need to be a PPO or PSE?

If you are new to getting into hiring security officers, you may not be sure if you should register as a private security employer (PSE) or get a Private Patrol Operator (PPO) license. The table below is a summary of the differences between PSEs and PPOs.  In general, if you are forming a Security Guard Company, you are a PPO. Companies whose primary business function isn’t security, but rather focus on things like hospitality, retail or education, are most often PSEs. When in doubt contact the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

PPO PPO Qualified Manager PSE
Registration or License Fee $1200  $500 $75
Registration or License Renewal Frequency 2 years  2 years 2 years
Registration or License Renewal Cost $700  $500 $35
Fingerprinting and Background Check Required Yes  Yes No
Required to Pass a Psychological Exam No  Yes No
Training Required No  Yes No
Experience as Security Guard or Equivalent Experience Required No  2,000 hours No
Can Train Own Security Employees with BSIS License Yes  Yes Yes
Required to Keep Security Employee Training Records Yes  Yes Yes
Company Insurance Required $1,000,000  No Unknown
Security Employees can Be Armed Yes, with proper BSIS permits Yes, with proper BSIS permits  No
Security Employees can be Undercover  Yes  Yes  No

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