What Kind of Insurance should Private Patrol Operators Get?

As a PPO you should have the proper insurance to protect your business, your employers and you from lawsuits. The BSIS specifies the minimum of insurance you need. The B.S.I.S. rules state that a PPO must have $1,000,000 in insurance. This includes:

  • $500,000 for one loss due to bodily injury or death
  • $500,000 for one loss due to injury or destruction of property

You may need additional  insurance that depends on how many security guards you employ, your location, whether or not you employ armed security guards, your credit, what your annual revenue is and prior claims history.

Please contact BuySecurityGuardTraining.com for more information. This company specializes in providing insurance for security guard, investigator, alarm and other security industry companies. Because of this specialization, they can offer some of the lowest rates in the insurance industry and advise you on the correct amount and type of insurance your need for your PPO business.

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