How to Verify Your Guard Card is Valid

How to Verify Your Guard Card is Current

To see if  your or anyone’s Guard Card is current by using the BSIS Website’s Guard Card Verification page, which should look like the image below. The more information you enter, the fewer results you’ll get when you do the search. However, you only have to input search text into one field. Enter  your name as you wrote it on the BSIS Guard Card application form. If you enter a license number, if the license number exists, you’ll only get one result.

We searched for Guard Cards that have been issued to people with the last name of “smith” as an example.  We got lots of Guard Cards as “smith” is a common last name. The image below shows the first few Guard Cards found in the search.

If you click on an underlined name, you get detailed information about the status of this Guard Card. You can see on the Guard Card detail, the security guard license number and the license status. For your Guard Card to to be valid, your License Status should be CLEAR. The first image below shows a CLEAR license, and the second image below shows a CANCELLED license.

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