How to Complete the BSIS Guard Card Application Form Online

Now that all your security guard courses are complete and your fingerprints have been taken, you’re ready to send in a Guard Card application form to the BSIS following the steps below.

It is much faster to complete your Guard Card application online at the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services website. You can also use the mail in form available on the BSIS forms page. However, it takes about 7 working days to get your Guard Card using the online form and up to a month if you mail in your application. It will take longer to get your Guard Card, if anything in your background check needs to be investigated further by the BSIS before approving your Guard Card license.

Step 1. Create a Login on the BSIS Licensing Website

Go to the California State Licensing Website to create a login ID and password. You use the licensing site to apply for your Guard Card. The create a user ID and password page looks like the following.

Online Guard Card Licensing Create Login

Go to Step 2 of the Guard Card Online Application Procedure.

Step 2. Complete the Pre-registration Information

After you create your User ID and Password, you see the pre-registration page.

Online Pre-registration Guard Card License

You must input your Social Security number. If you don’t include your Social Security number, you may be reported to the California Franchise Tax Board, which may assess a $100 penalty against you. This is because your Social Security number may be used for tax enforcement purposes and for purposes of compliance with any judgement or order for family support in accordance with Section 17520 of the Family Code.

Go to Step 3 of the Guard Card Online Application Procedure.

Step 3: Complete the Guard Card Application Form Online

Once you complete the pre-registration form where your social security number is checked for validity, you can compete the Guard Card Application information.

Notes about Completing Your Security Guard Card Application Online

  • You don’t need to send in a paper copy of a form with your signature on it.
  • You do need the training certificate number and the license number and address of the training provider. This information should be on your Guard Card training completion certificate.
  • You also do need the ATI number off your LiveScan form. The LiveScan operator should have given you an ATI number.
  • If you aren’t employed currently as security card, leave the parts of the form blank that ask for your employer’s name, address and contact information.

Notes about Completing Your Guard Card Application Truthfully

  • Answer all questions honestly. Answers that are untrue may cause your security guard card to be denied or revoked later. Remember the DOJ and FBI do a background check on you, so they will find out the truth anyway.
  • Don’t skip any required information. Any missing information may cause your Guard Card application to be denied or revoked later.
  • Your Guard Card application may be denied if you have been convicted of any crime or act substantially related to the qualifications, functions or duties of a security guard, except those crimes excluded by the provisions of Penal Code section 19.8. However, when appropriate, the Bureau considers all submitted evidence of rehabilitation.
  • Your completed application becomes the property of the BSIS and is used by authorized personnel to determine your eligibility for a Security Guard license.
  • As permitted by law, data on your application may be transferred to other government or law enforcement agencies.
  • The California Public Records Act (Gov. Code § 6250 et seq.) and the Information Practices Act (Civ. Code § 1798 et seq.) state that your name and address maybe disclosed if receive a Guard Card. This means this information appears on the license verification pages of the BSIS website.
  • And remember you can’t work as a security guard until you have a hard copy of your Guard Card.  You must have your Guard Card with you when you are on duty.

Go to Step 4 of the Guard Card Online Application Procedure.

Step 4. Write a Check or Get a Money Order for the Guard Card Application Fee

The application fee to become a security guard is $75.00. The application fee covers the cost of the people working at the BSIS to process your paperwork, verify that you cleared your background check, input your information into the California security guard database, print and mail your Guard Card and other costs associated with overseeing security guards.

Make your check out to the BSIS.

Go to Step 5 of the Guard Card Online Application Procedure.

Step 5. Mail Guard Card Application Fee to the BSIS

Mail the following to the BSIS:

  • You application fee of $75.00 as a check or money order.

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