Complete Your Guard Card Training Requirements Online

The BSIS says it is OK to take your guard card courses online from an approved and licensed Guard Card Training Provider or PPO.

Benefits of Taking Your Guard Card Classes Online

  1. You can do the courses at your own pace and when you have time.
  2. You don’t have to take time off work to go to a class held at another location.
  3. If you don’t live in a large metropolitan area, like Los Angeles or Oakland, you don’t have to drive a long ways to get your Guard Card training. With the high price of gas in California, you can save money but not having to drive far away to take Guard Card courses.

Recommended & BSIS Approved Guard Card Training Providers

Many Guard Card course training providers exist in California, but not many have online classes available. But here’s a table that compares some of the online Guard Card Training Providers we’ve found.

We’ve only been able to review one company’s guard card course material so far.

Cost of Security Guard Courses $59.95 for initial 8 hours
$249.95 for 32 hours
$299.95 for all 40 hours
PPO Training Discount? Yes, for 5+ security guards signing up at the same time. Contact GuardCardCourses.
Guard Card Refresher Class $40
Verified BSIS Training License Number? TFF1266
Keeps a Copy of Your Training Completion Record? Yes
Unlimited Time to Complete Course and Review Questions? Yes
Can You Start, Stop and Continue the Course Anytime? Yes
Course Payment Methods Easy, online payment with PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card.  —
Can Host Custom Security Guard Training Courses? Yes
Contact Information Online Guard Card contact form.

Tips on Picking an Online Guard Card Training Site

  1. Check on the training provider’s website for the provider’s license number. Sometimes this license number can be difficult to find on a website. So, if you don’t see the security guard training license number on the website, contact the training provider through email or phone and ask for their BSIS license number.
  2. Verify that the license number on the security guard training provider’s website is valid and current with the BSIS  by using the California’s BSIS Website.
  3. Check that you can stop and pause the course part way through and continue with the course later without having to start over.
  4. Verify that the training provider maintains a record that you’ve completed the training in case you lose your Guard Card Training Completion Certificate.

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