On the Job Incidents

Stories about real life scenarios that security guards run into in real life. Illustrates both good and bad handling of these incidents.

Store Security Guard Fired for Interrogating 4-Year Old

A grocery store guard questioned a little girl because he had seen her eat some fruit that her father didn't…

7 years ago

Mall Fountains Can Be a Hotspot for Security Guards

If you're going to work mall security, it appears that you have to be prepared for all sorts of pranks…

8 years ago

Security Guard Shoots and Accidentally Kills Polar Bear

A security guard on duty always has to be prepared for the unexpected danger, such as an aggressive polar bear.…

8 years ago

Mall Security Guard Punched in Face

You probably think that being a mall security guard is a cake walk job. However, you can be injured working…

8 years ago

Women with Guide Dog for the Blind Accusses Security Guard of Assault

This real world security guard incident comes from us from Georgia. A women entered a Social Security Office with a…

8 years ago

Security Guard Accused by High School Student of Physical Assault

Two students at a high school in Pasadena have accused a volunteer security guard of physically assaulting them. Police haven't…

8 years ago