With the 2013 Super Bowl taking place in New Orleans far away from the home city of the 49er’s, you wouldn’t think that much extra security preparedness would be necessary in San Francisco, especially compared to when the SF Giants were playing to win the 2012 World Series in the city.

But it isn’t just the Harbaugh brothers who are planning for the Super Bowl. The police force and private security teams are preparing for large, rowdy crowds in areas of the city with large numbers of bars where people will congregate to watch the game and cheer the 49ers onto a Super Bowl win.

Some vehicles were damaged after the Giants won the World Series in their hometown of SF. Police expect that the larger number of  football fans will be more prone to violent celebration than the smaller number of baseball fans.

The San Francisco police department will have almost double the number of officers on the streets for Super Bowl Sunday as the did for the final game of the World Series. The police have also set up no street parking on the main streets in entertainment hot spot areas, including Mission and Broadway. If the celebratory football fans get destructive, there will be no vehicles for them to smash the windows of or set on fire. Each cop car will have a fire extinguisher in it and extra fire pumper trucks will be on duty from the San Francisco Fire Department.

The police department is recommending that SF residents not park their cars near entertainment areas on the evening and night of the Super Bowl to prevent their vehicles being vandalized by over-zealous crowds. While most destruction that occurs after big sporting game wins is not from the true sport fans, the large crowds attract those liking to cause trouble.

The private security guards employed at hotels, restaurants and bars will also have extra staff on duty to help prevent incidents from happening at their venues. These venues want to protect their guests.

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