We’ve all become used to long security checkpoint lines when attending a sport event.  Many of the increased sport stadium security measures were brought about due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. However, most of them are to prevent minor attacks, such as a single person with a knife, gun or other weapon. But as we’ve seen from the recent and severe fan beatings of opposing team fans, security guards can’t prevent all violent incidents at stadiums and stadium parking areas.

Stadium security measures include the increased presence of both security guards and police officers and the use of bag checks, metal detectors, facial-recognition technology and more surveillance cameras. Items attendees are prohibited from bringing into stadiums include weapons of any kind, water bottles,

If you are assigned to be a security guard at a sporting venue – even college stadiums – you will probably get additional site specific training. The National Center for Spectator Sports, Safety and Security (NCS4) offers such training that focuses on game day operations and  emergency-response planning, including evacuation plans, not only to  natural disasters, but terrorist threats . Their courses cover the motives, methods and impact of terrorism activity for stadiums.  Those taking the courses  learn how to identify stadium vulnerabilities, analyze and mitigate risk and harden the stadium using countermeasure proposals.

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