Berkeley High School security guards received additional training over the summer to help improve their skills.  Their summer training included crime investigation techniques, gun handling skills, response to an active shooter on campus and dealing with an armed student.  Some guards and school staff also got training on mentoring and support for high-risk youth involved in criminal activity.  The security guards will rely on a police officer on duty at the school every day to disarm and handcuff students.

The school will spend about $180,000 more this year on the increased number of guards – up from 10 to 12 – and the addition of 4 door monitors.  The school will also buzz visitors in one by one in order to maintain a secure perimeter around the campus.

The security guards will also get new uniform as that clearly identify them as guards, but that don’t make them look like police officers.  Not only is it against the law to look like a police officer, but school officials  want students to feel they can talk with the guards about security concerns.

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