You probably think that being a mall security guard is a cake walk job. However, you can be injured working as a mall security officer.  For example, in August of this year a mall security guard in Texas was punched in the face by a youth suspected of trespassing. This is a good reminder to  keep out of strike distance from any suspect even in a mall environment. Luckily, the guard wasn’t seriously injured, but the youth is facing felony assault charges.

Mall security officers perform lots of duties that keep mall employees, merchandise and shoppers safe. Security guards often spend a lot of time assisting shoppers locating their cars, especially during the holiday shopping season. The Christmas season is very busy at malls, so extra security guards are often hired or guards work extra hours.

In most states, security officers can’t go into a store to detain or question anyone unless a store employee calls for assistance.  Bigger mall stores have their own loss prevention personnel. Guards typically patrol the common mall areas and the parking lots.

Mall guards are usually employees of private security companies, but companies that own several large malls may hire their guards directly.  Guards in California usually have guard cards because they work for private security firms. However, those employed directly by the mall may have PSO cards instead.

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