This real world security guard incident comes from us from Georgia. A women entered a Social Security Office with a guide dog for the blind. A security guard asked her for paperwork that would prove the dog was a guide dog. When the women failed to produce the requested paperwork and leave the premise at the guard’s request, the guard grabbed her by the arm to forcibly remove her from the office.

When the responding police officer asked the guard why he didn’t call the police when the women refused to leave,  the guard claimed that because the women didn’t agree to leave on his request, he had authority to remove her by force. The guard claimed he had federal authority and didn’t need to call the police. The security guard’s supervisor disagreed with the security guard’s claim that he was a federal officer.  The supervisor from Paragon Security Services said the guard should have called his supervisor or the police before trying to physically remove a non-combative person from the office.

The women had bruising on her arm and a possible dislocated shoulder.  The police officer stated that the dog was obviously a guide dog. The security guard was arrested.

Here’s another incident where the security guard escalated the incident and used unwarranted force against an individual when instead he should have called the police or his supervisor for assistance.







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