Two students at a high school in Pasadena have accused a volunteer security guard of physically assaulting them. Police haven’t found reason to file felony charges against the security guard, but the possibility of a misdemeanor charge being brought still exits.

Supposedly by accounts of teacher and two students, the security guard and a coach at the school entered a classroom to perform a backpack search. Student 1 refused and got into a verbal altercation with the coach. Student 2 then got in an argument with the security guard. The guard asked Student 2 to step outside the classroom.When student 2 refused, the officer physically removed him from the classroom. Student 2 claims the security officer threw him against a door and slammed him into some lockers. Student 1 claims the coach verbally threatened him and then grabbed him by the neck.

As you know from your security guard card training, you can’t escalate the use of force in a situation. The students may have mouth off to the coach and security guard, but that didn’t give the coach and guard the right to take physical action against the students. Security guards are supposed to de-escalate, not escalate incidents. The guard’s and coach’s actions could be considered violations of the Fourth Amendment.

Further complicating the matter is that the volunteer security guard did not meet the qualifications to be a security guard at the school. However, this voluntary guard was allowed to act like a licensed guard even though he lacked the proper training and guard card. This is a good reason to make sure you have the proper training and license to be a security guard in California.

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