Guardsmark security guard company in May 2011 was hit with a wage and hour class action lawsuit filed in Santa Clara Superior Court. The filing claims security guards didn’t receive their due pay in violation of California labor laws, including:

  • Not recording all hours worked
  • Not paying the correct amount of overtime wages
  • Failing minimum wage
  • Failing to compensate guards for their required mandatory security training that wasn’t independent of their employment with Guardsmark
  • Illegally taking money out of guard paychecks for uniform maintenance, which is an expense  incurred in the discharge of their post duties”

To avoid lawsuits as a PPO, make sure you are aware of all CA labor laws that pertain to paying the security guards you employ. Track and record accurately all hours worked by your guards, including overtime hours.  You must at least pay minimum wage per hour. If you require guards to take additional security guard training courses that isn’t independent of their employment to your company, make sure you pay them for the time it takes them to complete this training. Don’t deduct uniform maintenance costs from guard’s pay. You should check with your legal consul if you are unsure about California labor laws. These laws can change, so keep up to date with the labor laws. Remember we all should be fairly paid for our work, not matter what our jobs are.

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