Welcome to our California Security Guard Card & Private Patrol Operator website. Our mission is to give you the most complete information about how to be a security guard in CA. There are multiple things you have to do and forms to fill out and get to the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) before you can get a Guard Card. You need a Guard Card in order to get a job as a security guard in California. If it’s your first time going through all the steps to become a security guard, it is easy to miss a step as the BSIS website can be hard to follow. We hope you find this site useful in getting your Guard Card.

We are starting with only the steps to become an unarmed security guard. In the future we will add the information about becoming an armed security guard. In summary, though, you must have a firearms permit from California before you can carry a weapon on duty as a security guard. The BSIS website has information about getting your firearm permit.

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